Dakoda Armstrong / JGL Racing Kentucky Preview
180 days ago
Dakoda Armstrong Leaves Chicago Once Again One Spot Short of Playoffs
182 days ago
Dakoda Armstrong Endures Rough Day to Finish 18th at Richmond
190 days ago
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@BubbaWallace @DrDisRespect Nice giving the doc and pubg some love but what do you know about that rank #1 NA Duo F… https://t.co/dsayFtCa7i
20 days ago
@KB18FTW ??? He was turning to the bottom that’s the reason the 10 got spun he can’t lift off the gas and turn down he will have zero run
30 days ago
@KB18FTW I mean he had a run on the top and got blocked and just stayed on the gas, it’s the last lap no one let’s off the gas
30 days ago
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